About Me

Hi I’m Dave and welcome to my website.

I started to take photography seriously after my 16th Birthday, when I received a basic Praktica MTL-5 kit as a present. That old clunky camera taught me a fair bit and I was able to upgrade to my first Nikon (an F-301) a few years later.

My passion is military jets, well anything in military markings – I’m not a huge civil aviation fan but I’m getting to appreciate them better, especially after losing so many variants from the skies recently.

You’ll find me at Old Warden and Duxford, given the lack of military based shows now in the UK, I’m learning to love Props, Warbirds and Vintage aircraft.

I do love to travel, having been to Greece, Turkey and Italy in the past few years. Still to do that massive USA roadtrip though!

In the 90’s I got married and had kids so missed all the fun that was had with the old Eastern Bloc aircraft, I never got to see a Nighthawk sadly. I’ve been using digital SLRs for just over 10 years, learning and experimenting. I’m not brilliant, but I think I’m getting better.

My kit is Nikon, and I’ve recently upgraded to Mirrorless kit, it’s the future don’t you know! It really has helped me improve and I love the possibilities it gives.

I’d originally planned the site as a project with some fellow photographers to collaborate on, but time moved on and I’m still here !

Hope you enjoy the site, Let me know what you think?

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