North Weald Jetfest

North Weald holds a lot of happy memories for me, back in my youth (in the days before digital cameras and the interweb) I used to volunteer at the Fighter Meets held at the airfield in the late eighties and early nineties. They were happy days, with access to lots of static aircraft. A drunken weekend with the ground crew of the Tornado F3 display plane being one of many highlights.

So the chance to go back on the airfield was eagerly jumped at and I signed up for the Timeline run event at the end of September 2018.

An assortment of historic aircraft were on show including Gnats from the Heritage Aircraft Trust, Jet Provosts, a solitary Hunter, the UH1 Huey from the Huey Display Team and a C-54 Skymaster from the C-54 Skymaster Trust


Heritage Aircraft Trust were displaying their recently restored single seat Gnat/Ajeet. In fact it had just stopped taxying for the first time as we arrived. Typical! I’m looking forward to seeing this where it belongs again, in the air!


We started the “shoot” in the last light of day then into the night.

A selection of shots taken below.

Hopefully there will be another Jetfest held again this year, 2019, and I’d encourage anyone with an interest in historic aircraft to attend. We may even be treated to something a little more modern running. That would be nice!

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