Northolt Nightshoot XXIII

After numerous false starts I finally made it to a Northolt Nightshoot in October 2017.

Army Air Corps Apache

Having seen photos posted on numerous forums over the years I knew what to expect. As ever the organisers provided a quality line up of aircraft including an Apache, Xingu’s from France and one of the last public appearances of an AH9 Lynx from the Army Air Corps.

Lynx AH9

Thankfully the weather behaved itself until it was almost time for everyone to leave the airfield. The walk back to the station was slightly moist though!

Having not participated in a night shoot previously I made the schoolboy error of leaving the vibration control on, I couldn’t understand why my shots appeared blurred! Thankfully a fellow enthusiast asked if I had left VR on, just before I was tempted to launch the camera over the hanger!

Next time I’ll be better prepared!

Another delightful addition to the line up was provided by the Belgian Police force and their MD500, nice to see something unusual on the pan.


All in all, it was a pleasure to attend such an event and I’m looking forward to the next event in March 2018 which, we all hope, will be that bit more special given the significance of the year for Miltary aviation in the UK.

Long may it continue.

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