Flieger Flab – Dubendorf

Charting the history of Swiss military aviation, the Flieger Flab museum is well worth a visit for any aviation enthusiast. Situated on the perimeter of Dubendorf Airfield in Zurich and housed in two different hangers the museum holds a valuable collection of Swiss operated and constructed aircraft from across the ages.

The early history of Swiss aviation is charted in the first exhibition hall with static aircraft and displays charting the development of the air force and the country’s defences up until the end of the second world war.

In the second hall you com across two unique aircraft. Indigenously designed the Aiguillion and the FFA P16. Along with the obligatory Hunter, Mirage and Vampire you’ll find rotary aircraft that recently saw Swiss service, together with an F5 Tiger II and a BAe Hawk.


Unfortunately I had less time that I had envisaged in the museum but it will easily take up at least a couple of hours of your time as you meander through the exhibits on show.

There is an excellent shop stocked with some models you won’t find in the UK. So if you find yourself in Zurich, its well worth a diversion to visit this excellent museum.

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