East Kirkby – Just Jane

As Aviation memorials go, none are more poignant than the tribute two brothers have made to their older brother who sadly lost his life whilst flying over Germany during the Second World War. Fred and Harold Panton have created something rather special in memory of their brother Christopher.

Their dream was to acquire a suitable aircraft as an active memorial to him and all those who died in active service. They acquired the Lancaster in 1983, whilst she was gate guardian at RAF Scampton, eventually transferring her to East Kirkby in 1987. An extensive program to return her to flight was started in 1992, and after years of hard work that date will be with us sooner rather than later.

I was lucky to be in the area and had an hour spare to see the Lancaster carry passengers on a ground run. These taxi runs are vital to the museum, the income generated helps run and pay for the restoration of this wonderful old lady.

There’s plenty to see in the museum, recently the museum has seen the arrival of De Havilland Mosquito HJ711, which has been lovingly restored to taxying condition by Tony Agers.

There is also the ongoing restoration of AE436 Handley Page Hampden and parts of a Vickers Wellington recovered from a crash site.

An excellent cafe and bookshop adds to a superb museum which is well worth a visit.

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