Marham Enthusiasts Day 2017

Having been to Switzerland with the excellent COAP I was fortunate to get a place at the Marham Enthusiasts Day in July through them, a chance to get on the base and see some Tornado action.

Marham is changing, Tornado’s are getting much rarer as they eventually disappear from service all too soon, the base is preparing to become the home of the F35 fleet.

We were fortunate that we were able to see the “Granby” Tornado, painted in Desert Storm colours to commemorate the type’s service in the first Gulf War some 25 years ago. ZG750 (above) was on show during the day.

The aircraft were brought over to us on the North side of the field, however the planned crew change over didn’t happen as the plane decided to go Tech. The weather had been living up to it’s usual brilliant self – We had a view of a spectacular storm some 20 miles south dumping its load on the Hall and Heath, thankfully avoiding us. Conditiosn for photography were far from ideal, however to get close to Tornado’s in the twilight of their live’s was special.

A great day out and well worth the donation to the Family Day fund at Marham.

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