Farewell 2020

You really won’t be missed at all.

Back to December 2019 and I was planning my year ahead, Yeovilton tickets had been bought and accomodation booked, plans made to attend just the two days at RIAT with one day inside and one out. A trip to Arizona and Southern California to get to two US military shows and a possible jaunt over to Europe in the Autumn for some time on the fences there. It was going to be good! Little did we know at the time that the world was about to change in a dramatically bad way for us all.

Rather than dwell on the bad, I’m looking at my highlights for the year and there have been a few believe it or not.

Marine Corps Harrier on finals at Yuma

First off I managed to get out to the States for a few days just before the world entered lockdown. Although the shows at El Centro and Yuma were both cancelled, managing to get to see a bit of action at Yuma, went to three great museums in Az, toured a private boneyard and finally got some Hawg action at DM. In the process I met up with great guy in the States and I’ve been fortunate to have been invited into a group that already does great things on Facebook. More of that on a later post!

I finally got some shots published on Airliners.net despite years of rejection! Oh and two of them went on to be the top shots of the day! Don’t worry I still get rejected more than accepted.

Mildenhall KC-135 on finals

After a few poorly timed trips to try and catch it in the air, I managed to get Fat Albert departing from Cambridge for it’s new life supporting the Blue Angels Display Team.

Fat Albert Take Off (no WM)
USMC C-130J ‘Fat Albert” goes home

Then there were the Drive-in Shows at Shuttleworth, ok the Magic of the Musicals Airshow was a complete washout but the show on the 2nd August was superb. Fair play to the team at Old Warden for recognising the fact that the evening show should have been cancelled due to the poor weather. I’ve just received my email from them entitling me to a free ticket to a show next year.

Hawker Sea Hurricane 1B on take off at Shuttleworth

Hopefully, with the advent of the vaccine, things will start to return to normal in 2021. I’m still unsure if the big shows at Yeovilton and Fairford will go ahead, at least we will have a few drive-in shows to attend at Shuttleworth. Maybe we will get to travel again, so a trip to the States would be most welcome.

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