Situated amongst some of the most stunning scenery, Meiringen has to be one the most beautiful locations for an airbase in the world. Flanked by Mountains on both sides the base is probably the most easily accessible airfield for plane enthusiasts.

Meiringen Tuesday-7
Imagine this in the Winter?

During the Axalp live fire exercise the base is more heavily “policed” by Swiss Air Force staff, however this does not mean that you cant get close to the action. Jets are housed in the caverns under the mountains near to the world famous Reichenbach Falls.

My trip to the area was primarily to see Axalp in action.

The cafe by the F5 offers great views of the Airfield, however on the opposite side you can get on top of one of the old hardened shelters and this offers unrivalled views of Planes landing and taking off.

Meiringen Tuesday-23
F5 on a pole

Given that the great and the good weren’t going to climb up the Mountain, the Swiss Air Force ran frequent flights from Meiringen up to Axalp with constant Super Puma movements

The view from the top of the bunker allows you to get great head on shots as aircraft leave the hardened underground shelters behind the base, it really is a great place to view aircraft. I wish I lived nearer!

Meiringen Thursday-7
Hornets on parade

I was due to go home on the Friday after Axalp and hadn’t planned to visit the base again, but one last look wouldn’t hurt? So glad I did as I captured an F5 landing, particularly the 6th Escadrille special tail and I got held up at the barrier by a Hornet!

Meiringen Friday-1
Not long left for the F5

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