A visit to a special Boneyard in Arizona.

Only a madman decided to travel halfway across the world just as a global pandemic breaks out, well that madman is yours truly! Having arrived in Phoenix and with plans to attend shows that ended up getting cancelled I was lucky to be able to arrange to meet Ramon Purcell from Boneyard Safari at a very different Boneyard near to Davis Monthan AFB in Tuscon.

Ramon gave me the full works tour of the site, touring such beauties as an ex-NASA C-130, USAF 737 and P-3 Orion and a whole host of others.

The site is very off limits, but it would make for an excellent nightshoot location!

A selection of photos below from a very memorable morning in the early spring sunshine of Tuscon.

My thanks to Garrett Heller for arranging and Ramon for being such a great guide!

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