Fly Navy – Shuttleworth

My first trip to Shuttleworth in far too many years, Fly Navy, in June 2017, proved eventful and just why Shuttleworth really is the best place to view classic aircraft.

Conditions were slightly challenging with some serious crosswinds on approach, in fact Air Leasing’s Seafire PP972 had a very near miss with the wingtip scraping the ground, but the pilot did a magnificent job of just levelling out in time.

Sadly we were not able to see her fly in the display later that day .

The display was thoroughly enjoyable throughout the day – Another incident late on in the afternoon saw the collections Gloster Gladiator K7985 put down in an adjacent field due to engine failure – Fantastic skill by the pilot to land her safely.

Highlights were the Catalina, the Anson, Sea Hurricane and the Fury, all expertly displayed.

A fantastic day at a wonderful location. Flying just really doesn’t get any better than Old Warden!

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