On the Road – USA 2020 – The Weekend (Sunday)

Driving from Phoenix to Tuscon, Sirius XM Classic Rock on the radio, wide highways, little traffic. Bliss!

My first port of call was South of Tuscon and a trip to the Titan Missile Museum. A reminder of how America was prepared to defend itself from attack. The museum itself it pretty inconspicuous, with the real “interesting” stuff deep below ground. Our tour party descended the stairs into the bunker, we were given a tour of the firing room, talked through the firing process and walked through to the silo itself.


Above ground you get to look down on the missile in the silo, it’s actually a movie star as the silo and missile were used in the Star Trek First Contact movie – The one with the Borg, Rednecks and Vulcans!


So there I was, having a drink of water and about to get underway when I heard a familiar growl in the sky, looking up I saw B-17F “Ye Olde Pub” flying over, luckily I had the beast zoom to hand and took a few shots, at least one came out fairly sharp, ha! Was lovely to see and hear.


For the rest of the day I made my way to the Pima Air and Space Museum, I had heard that it was good, but wow! I didn’t realise how good and how big it is.

There is so much I could say about the place, but I won’t as the pictures below just about do the Museum justice. A full afternoon was spent wandering the vast collection. I will admit to getting moist eyes seeing all the Harrier’s lined up together – Have I mentioned how much I miss them in UK skies? A fantastic Sunday in the warmth of Southern Arizona.

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