RIAT 2012 Departures

Having got back into the hobby a couple of years previously. I’d taken a fifteen year break from chasing aircraft to get married and have kids. The time was right to go to my first Departures Day at RIAT in 2012. Even though I got to the base at the crack of dawn I was well back in the queue to get a decent spot on the fence. Needless to say I wasn’t able to acquire a prime position and found myself jostling for space at the Park and View enclosure. That’s pretty much why I now pay a premium as a FRIAT member.

Departures day is the one I look forward to most. The day when Fairford becomes the busiest military base on the planet! (Probably)

Below are a selection of my better shots from the day, reprocessed in Lightroom. A plethora of Tigers on view and THAT German scheme!

Hope you like (feedback is good!).

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