Northolt Nightshoot XXIVa

The weather gods finally smiled on the Northolt Nightshoot team after they had to cancel the planned shoot in March due to operational issues at RAF Northolt. Aviation enthusiasts descended en-masse to North West London for what is a must attend meeting.

It was my first time out with camera, aviation wise, since the previous nightshoot in Oct 2017. So a little rusty I did my best to capture the feel of the night. Unfortunately there were no live engine runs, that dreaded ‘elf-n-safety’ getting the blame. A few have vented their frustration on line at this decision but it should not be directed at Phill and his team who assemble the aircraft for us to see and shoot.

Sadly the promised A400 Atlas went tech but the addition of a French Xingu and Polish C295 helped make up for it’s non-appearence. Star of the night was, for me, the Percival Pembroke WV740. Reminiscent of the type once stationed at the base

The light was utterly fantastic and the gathered throng were treated to a fantastic sunset, some managing to get far better pictures than I managed.

I sincerely hope that we do get some live running again at the next event, here’s hoping some official people see sense.

More pictures below, I hope that you like them, my favourite is right at the bottom ;-).

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