About Me

Hi I’m Dave and welcome to my website.

I started to take photography seriously after my 16th Birthday, when I received a basic Praktica MTL-5 kit as a present. That old clunky camera taught me a fair bit and I was able to upgrade to my first Nikon (an F-301) a few years later.

My passion is military jets, well anything in military markings – I’m not a huge civil aviation fan but I’m getting to appreciate them better, especially after losing so many variants from the skies recently.

In the 90’s I got married and had kids so missed all the fun that was had with the old Eastern Bloc aircraft, I never got to see a Nighthawk sadly. I’ve been using digital SLRs for just over 10 years, learning and experimenting. I’m not brilliant, but I think I’m getting better.

My kit is Nikon, using D500s coupled with the Sigma 60-600 and Nikon f5.6 500mm. I’ve just gone mirroless as well with a Z6! It’s the future apparently.

I’d originally planned the site as a project with some fellow photographers to collaborate on, but time moved on and I’m still here !

Hope you enjoy the site, Let me know what you think?